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By Fiona on December 4th, 2011

One of the few things that really ‘erks’ me as a designer is blatant copying. I know , I know, copying happens all the time. I suppose that’s how trends start. The fashion industry loves it when trends take off, it makes people a lot of money, without that much effort! I am not talking about being ‘influenced’ by something. Influenced is looking / admiring / observing another persons work and adapting elements to influence your own. There are some pretty amazing designs and designers out there doing some very remarkable work. But copying for me is taking another persons ideas and/ or work and claiming it as our own without recognising the original work or design (in education- plagiarizm)
There have been so many times that I have thought ‘gee I wish I thought of that’. when looking at another designers work but I constantly strive to be original in my work. For me that is my personal preference and a love of creating something new. Copying has happened to me before ( I am sure to most designers) and at best I find it flattering at worst it annoys the hell out of me! I find it sooo lazy!
It’s like, – gee, I have already done that and at least try to put in some effort to change it or make it your own. Which brings me to these 2 labels.
Raf Simons produced a fabulous range for Jil Sandler spring 2011. A year later Josh Goot brings out a collection for spring 2012 which to me is remarkably similar. Whilst there is not an exact carbon copy and there are differences, enough to not be in breach of copyright. ( in fashion it is only something like 10%) But I question the whole feel and mood of the range. Below are some samples of the range-

I found that whilst not identical, the use of silhouttes the same, the use of digital placement prints the same, even the colourways are the same. This for me is a little to close for comfort, hmmm what do you think? I really welcome your feedback in regards to this. Do you see the similarities? As a purchaser of clothing is it important to you that the designs are original? How much ‘copying’ is too much? Is it appropriate for designers to do this this? Is this just good business?

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