The Designerpad and online addiction

By Fiona on December 7th, 2011

I love it when I discover a new site online.
Let’s face it, I am finding that I spend alot of time online. My increasingly dependence for it is a little( well alot) scary. This really started a couple of years ago in snippets but now it has developed into a fully fledged obsession. I pretty much do most things online now. Banking, shopping,
researching and sourcing new materials, downloading music,
DIY ideas and excellent site I am always on is design*sponge
- for all things design bb_star_calendar_1
I do tutorials online. Our house is now landline free and we use skype for calls. I even get most of my work and business from online channels. My world seems so much bigger online. There is just so much to see and do that is not physically possible otherwise. I think this is why I decided to change direction and move my business online. It allows me a freedom that goes way beyond the luxury of running my own business. Don’t get me wrong I really love face to face contact with people( I don;t think that anything can beat that) and I certainly miss that with not having a bricks and mortar shop, but I can now structure my time and day without sticking the the usual 9-5.
Enough said onto my new site. The designerpad is a beautiful website by fashion designer turned Interior designer Eduardo living in New York. You will find everything about style and design for the senses. A collection and sourcing wesite of inspiring and very cool ideas.How about this uber chic outdoor office

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