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By Fiona on October 8th, 2011

House on hill, trees and day stars, 2011 Paul Davies
mums house with econo lodge pool -Paul DaviesTim-Olsen-Gallery-Paul-Davies-Snow-Forest-Reflection-and-House-0060325_110214134944-1

modern copy blue exterior 2006- Paul Davies

Seilder house-paul-davies
Paul Davies ‘Portraits’ Satellite Exhibition at Christine Abrahams Gallery in Melbourne on from the 11th -26th October. I received this in my mail inbox the other day. Pauls’ work looks at the relationship between the built and non- built environment, influenced by street art and has previous training in landscape art. I admire it when an artist takes an art form and puts their own unique stamp on it and for me Paul Davies is one of those artists. It is so current.
I remember back in 2006 going to an opening at blank space gallery and for the first time seeing his work. I loved it and still kicking myself for not purchasing one of the pieces (truth be told, by the time we got there almost all of the works were already sold). I have been a fan every since and followed the work to Tim Olsen Gallery. Now the pieces have increased in value so much that I cannot afford to buy. What an investment! Not being an art critic I can only describe why they appeal to me on a personal level. My main interest and influences outside of fashion being Architecture, the juxtaposition of man V’s nature and photography. And Pauls combines elements of all these in his work. His eye for detail and his relationship with colour is surreal. I love that depth and symmetry. It just works and is so pleasant to look at. How he manages to take all these, jumble them together and spin out incredibly interesting, beautiful and relevant art is beyond me. That is great craftsmanship.
Do yourself a favour a get one before it is too late.

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